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Hypnotherapy Training Wales

Course Location

Most of our courses at present take place in Oswestry, with easy access from motorways and conveniently placed in the Welsh Borders. Both Wrexham and Shrewsbury are only just over 20 minutes away by car, with good road and rail networks to other parts of North Wales, Mid Wales, Shropshire and the Midlands, as well as Cheshire, Merseyside and the North West of England.

Course Formats

Our hypnotherapy diploma courses are available in three formats to suit individual students requirements. Our most popular course is our 10 weekend course, held one weekend a month over ten months. For those who are travelling from further afield, or would just like to complete the course quicker, or for those that weekends are not convenient, there are two intensive options. The first is three one week blocks held over three alternate months, for example November, January and March. Secondly is the two week intensive, which has recently been re-modeled to include two separate, long 8 day “weeks”. These courses will be held in August, the first week at the beginning of the month, and the second week near the end of the month.

Over the duration of the course students will compile a portfolio of work, so there is a good amount of homework to complete between sessions, and in the case of the two week intensive, before and after the face to face training. This portfolio building comprises of reading and research, compiling a learning journal, answering questions, case studies and audio recordings. This work has to meet the requirements of set learning outcomes, and assessment of students knowledge and understanding will be based on this work.

Foundation Level Training  –  Certificate in Hypnosis

Starting in the Autumn of 2016 we are running a Foundation Level course in Hypnosis which will consist of three weekends (6 days) of face to face training. The course is made up of the first three modules of our diploma course, so will be useful for those wishing to have some training before deciding to commit to the full diploma course. Should they wish to continue with the diploma course after completing the three weekends of the foundation training, they can continue and simply pay the difference.

This course will also be useful for those that may find knowledge of hypnosis will be useful in their existing work, or those who simply would like to find out more about hypnosis. The award offered in this foundation course is a “Certificate in Hypnosis”  and is accredited at “Foundation Level” by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. The total cost for this six day course is £555.00 ( a deposit of £105 is required when enrolling, followed by a payment of £150 prior to each weekend of training).

Please contact us for more information on this Foundation Course.

The 10 Weekend Course

Our main hypnotherapy training course comprises of ten separate modules. These modules each equate to a weekend, and training takes place once a month for ten months. The focus of the weekends, as well as learning there will be ample opportunity for practical work and developing your skills. There will also be work to complete at home in between each weekend, as you build up a portfolio of evidence regarding your knowledge and understanding. In ten months we aim to help you become a knowledgeable and confident hypnotherapist ready to start your own practice. These ten modules give you at least 120 hours of face to face training and practice, allowing plenty of time in between modules to catch up with coursework and process the information.

This ten month course starts twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Autumn.

Dates for the next courses are as follow :


Autumn  Course   2023    (Course in progress)

Module 1  October 21/22 2023, Module 2  November 18/19 2023, Module 3  December 16/17  2023,  Module 4   January 20/21 2024, Module 5  February 17/18 2024, Module 6  March 16/17 2024,  Module 7   April 20/21 2024,  Module 8   May 18/19 2024, Module 9   June 15/16 2024, Module 10   July 20/21  2024

Spring  Course   2024       (provisional dates)

Module 1  April 06/07 2024, Module 2  May 04/05 2024, Module 3  June 01/02  2024,  Module 4   July 06/07 2024, Module 5  August 03/04 2024, Module 6  September 07/08 2024,  Module 7   October 05/06 2024,  Module 8   November 02/03 2024, Module 9  Nov 30Dec 01 2024, Module 10   January 11/12  2025.

Intensive Courses

Option 1  –  Three one week blocks held on alternate months, running  Monday through to Friday. There is plenty of time between each weekly module to complete the required coursework.

Dates for the next three week block course are :


Winter  2023/2024  Course   (ONE  place  still  available)

Week One :   November 13th to 17th 2023
Week Two :  
January 15th to 19th 2024
Week Three : 
March   11th  to  15th  2024

Summer 2024  Course   (provisional dates)

Week One :   May 13th to June 17th 2024
Week Two :  
July 15th to 19th 2024
Week Three : 
September  09th to 13th  2024


Option 2  –  Depending on demand, we are able to offer bespoke intensive courses. These are flexible in format and two examples are – two separate units of 8 days, and one block of 15 days. These are perfect for overseas students and also those who would prefer to complete the course as quickly as possible. They are by their nature very intense, with work to complete before and after the classroom sessions. Please let us know if you are interested in this format, and it is possible that we could run these twice a year, in February and August.


There are no formal requirements as such for those wanting to take these courses, but please consider the following information.

Hypnotherapy is a profession that incorporates a significant responsibility to the public who seek our services. As such, we do not simply allow anyone who applies, to do the course. We feel that it is of the utmost importance that anyone that undertakes this course must –

1 – Be of suitable character to take on a career of working with vulnerable people.
2 – Be sufficiently mature in order to be able to listen to traumatic material without being unduly affected personally.
3 – Have sufficient background and experience to be able to meet the academic demands of the course.

All applicants will be interviewed to determine their suitability for the course.

Your Investment

The cost of each course is  £1850.00, a deposit of £350 is required once your application is accepted and the balance payable in different ways depending on the course.

  • For the 10 month weekend course the balance is spread out over the ten months of the course. A payment of £150.00 during each month of the course made prior to each course weekend.
  • For the 3 separate weeks intensive course, a payment of £500.00 before the commencement of each week module.
  • For the 2 week intensive £750.00 is due by the start of the first week and the balance of £750 by the start of the second week.
A comprehensive course manual will be provided which will be built up as the course progresses, and while the fee includes all tuition and certifications, students should be aware that there will be additional expenditure for the purchase of books.

and finally ……

This is focused and high quality training, helping you obtain the most sought after and respected hypnotherapy qualification  in the UK today. It will be an amazing journey and we also aim to have some fun along the way.

For a prospectus and syllabus please complete the contact form

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As training resumes after the Covid shutdown, our class numbers will be smaller.
Even though we are adding extra dates, class numbers will be limited, so please register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.